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Navigate the RFP process with confidence using flexible analysis tools to help prepare, evaluate, award, and monitor effectively. Our transportation analytics experts are here to help.




With DAT iQ’s Industry-leading analytics solutions for transportation carrier sourcing you will:


Efficiently manage transportation costs                                     

Skip the time-consuming manual analysis process. Easily compare network costs to market benchmark Quickly uncover carriers driving up costs and lanes with the greatest savings potential

Find carriers that match your needs

Identify new carriers that fit in your network to add targeted capacity and cost-efficiency. Find reliable carrier options that are trusted by FMIC shippers and active on the DAT load board.

Work smarter, not harder

Streamline lengthy new carrier sales and onboarding cycles with targeted outreach. Enable teams to shift bandwidth towards key priorities while reducing costs and improving services.

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DAT is the industry leader
in transportation analytics


Industry-leading shippers trust DAT iQ’s
data to power their transportation and
logistics management, including:


of the top 10 retailers


of the top 10 food &
beverage companies


of the top 10
healthcare companies

Use comprehensive analytics to inform strategy
across the full transportation planning lifecycle

Rate Analytics

Enable better decision-making and secure
optimal rates with visibility into past, present, and future market rates.

Capacity Analytics

Ensure greater stability across your network with capacity insights to build a robust, diverse carrier portfolio.

Performance Anlaytics

Contextualize costs against benchmarks to understand relative performance and drive network improvements.